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For the Love of Food Preservation

PCUK Storeroom Log Book

(10 customer reviews)


A logbook to keep track of the produce in your storeroom, prefixed with a few guidance pages.


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This logbook grew from group encouragement. Preserving and Canning UK Members have had an active input into the format of this book, offering their opinions on everything from page colours to items in the information pages.

This is primarily a logbook, and as such, most of the format is for input of your own information.

There are information sections for the following: lid and jar stock, ring and seal sizing charts, basic pc and wb timings, equipment needed, troubleshooting issues, and finally a stockroom inventory. There are plenty of pages to keep track of all the wonderful food you have preserved.





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Dimensions 21.6 × 16.5 × 1.8 cm

10 reviews for PCUK Storeroom Log Book

  1. Elayne Manton

    Prompt delivery, beautiful book, great quality can't waitvto start filling it up.

  2. Anne

    Absolutely love this book!
    I was so excited to receive my log book this week.
    The quality of the book is fabulous, being spiral bound is fantastic, it’s a good strong spiral which I find it so much more useful as I can stand the book open to the page I want making it easy to read.
    The information is second to none. I particularly find the lid size guide extremely helpful. The font size is perfect do you don’t have to keep bending down when reading the helpful conversion tables for temperature, grams, ounces, millilitres etc.
    Information on the methods of preservation are succinct and informative. You don’t have to read a whole page to find the information you want would fit in a paragraph. In this book it is contained in that one paragraph you need!
    Again the guidelines to timings is easy to read and informative.
    Troubleshooting is particularly helpful and again each issue is dealt with in a paragraph do you don’t need to read a whole page and go back to the beginning as you can’t remember what was said at the start.
    I’m really excited by the log pages and have decided not to log everything I already have in store as I want yo start with this years produce. That’s a personal choice, others may like to go through their site room.
    I just feel new book, new canning season.
    Highly recommend this book and am looking forward to using it this year.

  3. Lee-Anne Boulter

    I was so excited when Karen announced that she was creating this logbook. I have received mine and I love it. It's clear, concise, and very informative. It looks fabulous and I like the charts we can fill in ourselves, which give it our personal touch. The cleanable cover is a great idea and will certainly be handy in this house. All the charts are easy to follow and it looks good together as a whole. The timings and guidelines are great too as are the trouble shooting and lid size guides.

    I highly recommend this logbook as well as the Facebook group and sister groups. Thank you Karen, I can't wait to use.

  4. Sue Simpson

    Tidy and substantial Log Book with extra useful information inside in addition to the records.
    From ordering to receiving was effortless. Extra thank you for excellent customer service with sorting out an error on my part.

  5. Nikki

    I was very excited when Karen said she was creating this book.
    I received my copy very quick after ordering.
    The book has loads of useful information and links for the groups for further information.
    I love the difference sections in the book for keeping track of your pantry items so you know what you have, where it is and what you need to stock back up on.

  6. Amanda Rees

    Super book have started filling in pages from my store! Now I will update it every time I can! Well done to our superstar Karen for making it happen

  7. Sarah Stranks

    This log book is a must have. I have been making all sorts of pickles for years & starting canning all sorts of other things a few years ago. It's so easy to forget what you have made, or where you stashed it, as time moves on. There is loads of really helpful info & tips in here as well as a clear and concise inventory section. It's very robust & spiral bound for ease of use. I am so pleased with this purchase. It will make my organised chaos of jars much easier to manage, moving forward & has motivated me to finally sort out my large cupboard under the stairs into a proper pantry, so i can store all my jars together & have the logbook to hand to find everything easily.

  8. elrjay

    I was so excited to receive my logbook.
    I love the whole aesthetic, being spiral bound is so much easier to use and it is loaded with helpful information.
    I can see it quickly becoming my most useful tool in my new journey into canning. Thankyou Karen for all of your efforts.

  9. Ruby

    Very pleased with the logbook loads of very useful information and tips in an easy to use format. Plenty of space to write so you know exactly what you have and where. I can easily look in the book and see how much of each food I have and when it was made.
    The logbook is made of top quality materials it has a sturdy wipe clean cover and spiralal binding. The pages inside are made of card not flimsy paper so it's not going to tear. This high quality logbook is designed to last. Highly recommend this must have logbook 👌

  10. Gill

    I was so excited when Karen said she was going to design and create this log book. She kept us regularly informed, to the extent that she was asking the kind of setup we would find most useful and giving examples of layouts and useful info. I bought it as soon as it was published and I absolutely love it. I'm fairly new to canning but it's been so helpful and clear and I have much more confidence now. Thank you so much Karen 😊

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